Tube Nut Wrenches

The 24 series of tube nut wrenches offers one-handed operation and an auto alignment head designed to make it easy to perform tube and hose tightening applications that would otherwise require the use of additional tools. The system uses a convenient single lever to tighten the fastener and return the socket to its open position. Thanks to a low inertia motor and the Clecomatic clutch-type torque control system, Cleco tube nut wrenches can be counted on for superior error proofing and repeatability every time.

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24 Series - Tube Nut Wrench - Clutch Shut-off - Auto-Aligning - Lever Start

24 Series - Auto-Aligning - Lever Start - Tube Nut Wrench

Lightweight, ergonomic, and easy to service. Maximize productivity with socket auto-alignment feature. Durable...