Specialty Nutrunners

In addition to standard-configuration nutrunners, Cleco manufactures tools that are designed for specific manufacturing and assembly operations. These include our crowfoot, flush socket, and hold and drive nutrunners. Visit individual product pages for more information, including full technical specifications.

Reaction Bar & Swingbar Nutrunners

Cleco reaction bar & swingbar nutrunners combine the durability and performance of our angled tools with a smaller ...

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Tube Nut Wrenches

The 24 series of tube nut wrenches offers one-handed operation and an auto alignment head designed to make it easy ...

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Hold & Drive Nutrunners

Hold and drive nutrunners are specially configured for use in automotive assembly and repair operations. Their uniq...

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Crowfoot Nutrunners

Conventional crowfoot nutrunners are available with either Clecomatic clutch-type or stall torque control, with out...

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Flush Socket Nutrunners

Flush socket nutrunners provide superior accessibility in tight clearance applications that would otherwise require...

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