Suitable for a wide range of applications, the Cleco I-Wrench is one of the most versatile production tools on the market today. Regardless of your manufacturing needs, our digital torque wrench delivers flexible solutions for advanced threaded tightening across a multitude of industries, including motor vehicle, aerospace ship and rail assembly.

The I-Wrench has been specifically designed with our customers in mind. From rubber protection to auto head detection to Wi-Fi architecture to integrated barcode reader, you’ll find that the user-friendly features of our torque wrench make the manufacturing process smoother and more efficient.

Our intelligent torque wrench also provides operator guidance through vibration notification — particularly useful in production settings where precise angle and torque calibrations can’t always be visually determined. Additionally, the digital touchscreen with real-time torque and angle data, as well as LED indicator lights, make the Cleco I-Wrench one of the most accurate torque wrenches available on the market today.

To make production more manageable, we also offer the following Cleco I-Wrench accessories:

• Tool recognition programming unit
• Tool charging cradle
• Additional battery
• External battery charger
• USB cable
• Dual access point

For more information on Cleco I-Wrench, explore the links below or contact your Cleco sales representative.

I-Wrench™ Accessories

We offer several Cleco I-Wrench accessories that assist in making production more manageable.

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I-Wrench™without Barcode Reader

The Cleco I-Wrench intelligent torque wrench provides operator guidance through vibration notification. THis can pr...

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I-Wrench™ with Barcode Reader

The Cleco I-Wrench with Barcode reader scans standard one dimensional barcodes including workpiece, serial, VIN and...

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