Cordless Nutrunners

Cleco cordless transducer control nutrunners are designed for use in safety-critical operations where mobility is essential. Count on a Cleco cordless transducer control nutrunner for:

• Precision — Powered by the LiveWire™ wireless communications system, Cleco nutrunners deliver precise control over torque, angle and speed while maintaining wireless connectivity even in the most difficult operating conditions.
• Power — Notable features include configurable digital process controls, on-board power management and sensing power intelligence, configurable LED illumination and a built-in barcode scanner.
• Portability — Capable of performing up to 1700 rundowns on a single battery charge, Cleco cordless transducer control nutrunners are built to go anywhere.
• Productivity — An essential part of an integrated LiveWire™ system, a Cleco cordless nutrunner can improve productivity by up to 83% without compromising the safety of your team.


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